Best Places In Indianapolis To Host Your Rehearsal Dinner

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Are you in the process of planning your rehearsal dinner and are looking for places to host it? We have just the thing!

Trying to narrow down a place to have your rehearsal dinner can be challenging, so let us help! We’ve done our research, along with some of our personal favorites, and put together a list of places in Downtown Indianapolis, Carmel, and Fishers to host your rehearsal dinner. We have options for smaller groups, larger groups, kid-friendly, adults-only, and more!

Downtown Indianapolis

Harry & Izzy’s – Downtown Indianapolis

If you’re looking for a place with variety, Harry & Izzy’s is the spot to go!  It is a gorgeous steakhouse with tons of choices in spaces for events.  Their menu also ranges from many different things, so if you’re not a steak person, you still have lots of choices! They have private dining options with four different rooms to choose from based on the capacity you’re looking for!  They have options available from 16 guests all the way up to almost 60 guests.  The Parlor Room holds 16 guests, and is a board room styled room right off of the bar. The Speakeasy Room is a more spacious room that holds a capacity of 50 guests, with a flatscreen TV – perfect for your slideshows or pictures! The Roth Room is a smaller version of The Rosen Room. The Roth Room holds 32 guests, and is located on the upper level. The Rosen Room holds up to 58 guests, has a windowed overlook of their bar, and has a set up of several different booths and tables.

TIP: Harry & Izzy’s also has a Northside location in Indianapolis that is right outside of Carmel! So, if your venue location is closer to Carmel, or everyone coming to the rehearsal dinner is closer to Carmel, you might consider this option as well! They also offer private dining options with spaces just like the Downtown Indy location, so this might be perfect for you and your guests!

Tony’s of Indianapolis

Tony’s is a great steakhouse and seafood restaurant that also offers private dining as well, including special private dining menus to choose from!  They offer different meal packages, platters, carving stations, and more!  Tony’s is definitely on the higher end of restaurants, serving mostly steak and seafood options.  In our personal opinion, Tony’s is fantastic for a rehearsal dinner, but we recommend hosting your dinner there if you have an adults only crowd to be able to enjoy all of the upscale cuisine!

Mesh – Indianapolis

Mesh is labeled as an American restaurant, but is another fantastic place to have your rehearsal dinner!  They offer private dining options as well with a semi-private bar.  They have a ‘Fireside Room’ with a maximum of 75 guests, and they have a ‘Private Dining Room’ with a maximum of 40 guests.  Both rooms are great options based on your capacity of rehearsal dinner participants, and Mesh also has meal packages to choose from!


The Cake Bake Shop

The Cake Bake Shop is a restaurant that everyone knows about in Carmel, but might not know that they also do private dining!  You can do a large party of 14 people, rent out the private dining room for 40 people, or even rent out the entire restaurant for 120 people!  The Cake Bake Shop also has event coordinators that will help you along the way with your event if that is something that you are interested in.  They have a variety of different food options, a full bar, and stunning scenery – which is great for pictures!

Prime 47 Carmel

Prime 47 is a gorgeous steakhouse in Carmel that offers three different rooms for private dining that range from a party of 6 people all the way up to 200 people!  This is a great rehearsal dinner location for a larger crowd of people, and is perfect to get everyone in!  This is another restaurant that we would recommend for a rehearsal dinner that is adults only.  They have many different steak and seafood options along with a great wine selection!

Monterey Cuisine

Monterey Cuisine is a seafood restaurant that prides themselves on offering very fresh coastal cuisine along with “Asian-inspired specialties”.  The restaurant itself is very modernized and gorgeous from the inside out – perfect for photo op’s!  They have tons of different seafood options and Asian dishes like sushi, poke bowls, and different chef’s plates with a full bar. Just fill out one of the event forms on the website and get in touch with the restaurant!

Anthony’s Chophouse

Anthony’s Chophouse is a stunning high end steak house located in Carmel, that is a beautiful spot for a rehearsal dinner. This is a great location for a smaller rehearsal dinner group, and potentially one with an adults-only crowd. They do have a dress code consisting of “casual dress”, simply because they are a more upscale restaurant. They have private dining options all the way up to 65 people, and offer an incredible tasting menu. Anthony’s Chophouse also offers a rooftop bar, 3UP Rooftop Lounge, that you can enjoy and/or make your private event through as well!

Bask on Main

Bask on Main is a different kind of location, but one that we really like! This location is actually a spa, boutique, and event space! You can rent out this space to use for anything that you would like, bring your own kind of catering, and is right in the heart of Carmel, Indiana! The website seems like it is just for booking a spa, but it is much more! It holds a capacity of up to 45 people, and is perfect for anyone that is looking for a rehearsal dinner space that is more adjustable! Sometimes, our couples like to be more hands on, and have a little more control of what they’re doing for their rehearsal dinners, and this is perfect for that. You can decorate the space however you would like to, bring catering as simple as Panda Express or even hire on a catering team, and you can do whatever you want!


The HC Tavern + Kitchen

The HC Tavern + Kitchen is a classy “American grill” restaurant that is a fantastic place to host your rehearsal dinner!  They offer vastly different spaces to host the dinner, with capacities ranging from 14 guests to 120 guests!  They offer spaces that are indoors, a terrace option, a loft option, and more.  They also offer many different gorgeous cuisine options to give you some variety with your guests!

1933 Lounge

1933 Lounge is a speakeasy style lounge that offers great cocktails and food – but you must be 21.  This, obviously, is another restaurant for adults-only crowds, but also for very small crowds.  The maximum capacity that they can hold for a private dining party is 16 people.  This is a perfect option if you have a very small and/or intimate crowd that you’re bringing to the rehearsal dinner and are looking for great food and drinks!

The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club

The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club is a fantastic spot to host a rehearsal dinner if you are looking for a larger space that can be set up more formally, and offers catering!  It is a gorgeous location with a capacity of 200 people – almost like a second wedding!  They offer the majority of the rentals, catering menus, and more.  This is the perfect spot for a larger capacity group for the rehearsal dinner and kids.

We hope this was helpful, and happy planning to you!

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