F.A.Q.’s: What A Wedding Planner Doesn’t Do On Your Wedding Day

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We get asked a lot of different questions about the wedding day, and we have answers!

In the intricate world of wedding planning, orchestrating the perfect day involves juggling numerous details to ensure everything seamlessly falls into place. As Indianapolis wedding planners, we understand the importance of addressing not only what we do but also clarifying what falls beyond the scope of our responsibilities. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our job, but more specifically, what a Wedding Planner does not do, to give you a better idea of what all our job entails!

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“What’s the difference between a Wedding Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator?

This is a great question, and a frequent one at that! Venue Coordinators work with everything “venue related”. Their job is to make sure that they are running the operation from the venue’s perspective, and upholding their policies. Wedding Coordinators help and manage the couple and all of the wedding logistics of their big day. Our job is to make sure that everything else is in line with the couple’s needs, wants, and expectations of how their day should go! Despite the differences, confusion between the roles is not uncommon!

“Do you clear tables and keep food stocked?”

In short, no. Clearing tables and managing food fall under the caterers’ purview. Our role revolves around ensuring the overall flow of the day, adhering to the schedule, and ensuring a seamless experience for the couples. We prioritize tasks that directly contribute to the success of the event. We can’t do our job to the best extent for our couples if we are doing things like stocking food, clearing trash from guests’ tables, cutting cake, and so on!

“Will you make and/or set up our arbor decor and floral arrangements?”

We will help to set up your decor that is “table ready”, meaning that we can remove price tags, put batteries in candles, put the decor onto the tables, and so on. Creating and assembling floral arrangements is a specialized skill handled by florists. Typically, our rule of thumb is if it’s not handled by a specific vendor, we will set it up for you!  So think of all your cards/gifts table, memorial table, signage (welcome sign, signature drinks sign, unplugged ceremony sign, etc.), guest favors – you get the idea!

“Do you keep track of everyone’s things?”

To a certain extent, we facilitate organization by designating responsibility for the couples’ belongings. However, we do not personally take charge of everyone’s items. We encourage the wedding party to organize their belongings before the ceremony, recognizing that maintaining order becomes challenging as the night goes on (and the drinks do, too).

“If we have a Spotify playlist, will you make sure it’s playing?”

When it comes to music, your hired DJ or band will manage the playlists for significant moments. We suggest avoiding the temptation to DIY the music during those key moments. Platforms like Spotify might seem like a good idea, but trust us, they can throw unexpected curveballs. Let’s keep the disruptions at bay and ensure a smooth flow by letting your hired DJ or band take charge. Let the pros set the perfect vibe for each moment, from your grand entrance to the heartfelt ceremony and the dance-worthy reception.

No question is bad question, especially in an industry that has so many moving parts! We get it! Weddings are such a fun time filled with special moments and memories. As dedicated Indianapolis wedding planners, we’re here to navigate the intricate details and make your special day truly unforgettable. Make sure to take a look at our packages and find the one that suits your needs best!

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