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it's our joy and privilege to take on the responsibility of planning, sorting out, and executing each and every one of those details for you.

There are approximately 5,000 details for every wedding.

I remember what it was like being in your shoes — happily engaged and planning the wedding of your dreams. What an exciting time! Although I'm happily married, I still wish I could go back and relive my wedding day (I'm sure you've already heard, but it will go by way too fast!). Being a bride myself, I know how stressful wedding planning can be! I LOVED using a wedding planner for our big day, and I'm excited to offer you the same freedom.

Beyond my talent and appreciation for logistics and design, as your wedding planner, I will focus on ensuring you are able to truly soak up each and every moment of your big day so you are free to create the most joyful, beautiful, and treasured moments to last a lifetime.

One of the greatest joys in my life is being a mother. Michael and I welcomed our daughter, Genesis Joyce, into the world in 2020, and we haven't stopped smiling since! Her name means “the creation of joy” and she has been creating joy since the day we found out about her.  After 5 years of teaching 7th grade English Language Arts, I was ready for a career change that would allow me more time with our daughter. When it came time to name my business, the idea hit me as I was rocking Genna in her room. She was the reason for the change, so it made sense that she be the inspiration for my business name, and thus, Creating Joyful Moments was born.  Three years later, CJM has only grown and we are honored to be recognized as one of the top wedding planning businesses in Indiana.

the Bio:

Color: Cheetah print (obviously) but the OG colors - none of that pink or multi-color print! And yes, it's a color to me!

Local Indy restaurant: Bru Burger or Birdies - give me all the fried food, please and thank you!

Wedding day moment: I absolutely LOVE getting to prep my brides to walk down the aisle. Whether it's one of their parents walking them down or they're doing it solo, I love hyping them up for that special moment. I remind them it's easy to be distracted by all the guests looking their way, but I always suggest they lock eyes with their future husband as they walk down the aisle. SUCH a sweet moment to witness!

Chloe's Favorites:

Part of the planning process: Although I love working with our couples throughout the planning process, one of my favorite parts is either attending their final venue walk through and discussing their timeline and list of decor items OR running their wedding rehearsal. Those are the two moments where reality sets in and it finally starts to feel real that their wedding day is about to happen!

TV show to binge-watch: The Office and One Tree Hill are my go-to's. No matter how many times I've rewatched them, they will forever be my all-time favorites! And before you ask, I can't choose between Michael, Dwight, or Jim as my favorite Office character, but team Brooke Davis all the way for OTH.

Chloe's Favorites:


Meet Chloe

For as long as I can remember, I have had an OBSESSION with weddings. "The Wedding Planner" has been my favorite movie since I was 10 (I mean come on, J-Lo AND McConaughey). My mom and I would often spend hours watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings” on Sundays when I was growing up.

One of my favorite things about event planning is the coordination, execution, and organizing the day from start to finish. I love putting my focus on the little details of the day and seeing it all come to fruition! I really enjoy getting lost in table scape design and seeing the whole space transform into our clients dream!

While in college, I struggled a lot with what direction I wanted to take my life and I changed my major about four times along the way. I knew I enjoyed working with people and I had a great eye for detail. My mom is actually the one that pushed me in the direction of events (shout out to Karen). I was lucky enough to get an internship as an event coordinator at a local venue and I have been hooked ever since! So, in 2019 I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Hospitality.

the Bio:

Color: Black! Timeless, elegant, and looks good on everyone!

Local Indy restaurant: Mama Carollas has hands down the best Italian food in Indianapolis. I swear their cannolis are sent straight from heaven.

Wedding day moment: My favorite moment on wedding day is the announcement of the bridal party into the reception. I love hyping them all up for their entrance and setting the tone for the rest of the evening! Seeing the guests excitement and positive energy always makes me smile.

Courtney's Favorites:

Part of the planning process: I really enjoy coordinating with our clients vendors to create a seamless timeline! Seeing the day outlined on paper and then executing it on the wedding day is such a good feeling for me!

TV show to binge-watch: One Tree Hill. I have seen from start to finish too many times to count. It is definitely my comfort show!

Courtney's Favorites:

CERTIFIED Lead PLANNER & Coordinator

Meet Courtney

Marriage is one of the greatest commitments you’ll ever make, and a wedding day is a chance to commemorate and put a flag in the sand to say ‘here we are, taking vows that will undoubtedly stretch our love for one another.’ I love weddings and making your day easier because I know it all matters- the people, the vows, the beauty and yes, the dessert you pick! 

Getting married in 2020, I got to plan my own wedding about 7 times, and have enjoyed walking alongside brides to make their vision come to life. For me, it's helping you keep your first things first, and making sure your wedding day finds you thinking - “wow, that went so smooth!” Our wedding planner was my favorite vendor we booked as the decision fatigue was so real and her invaluable experience made my engagement so much more fun! I’m here to keep you enjoying the planning process to give you more time to enjoy this fun season as a fiancé! 

You don’t know me if you don’t know…. My love of coffee and ice cream, the joy it brings me to make a space beautiful, my smile when my sweet Husband walks in the room, or the satisfaction I get from really good food! 

You can find me most Saturday mornings, latte in hand, with my Bernedoodle pup and love of my life, Graham! We love spending time outside, adventuring in other cultures, and sports! 

the Bio:

Color: Blue: It accents my eyes :)

Local Indy restaurant: I love Nesso or Thai Nine! 

Wedding day moment: Those moments I get to steal you away for a few extra minutes of just married bliss with your new hubby! Your wedding day is all about all your people, but there is nothing like photos with just the two of you, sharing the drink you so carefully chose before walking into the reception, or the moment you walk back down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife!! 

Jenna's Favorites:

Part of the planning process: I love making the magic happen. Not every single wedding dream can come true - although I hope most of them can! It brings me so much joy to find the perfect place-setting components or find a day-of timeline that fits the things you really want to incorporate. I also love wedding rehearsals… The work is done and you’re SO close! 

TV show to binge-watch: Give me Gilmore girls!! 

Jenna's Favorites:

Certified Lead Coordinator & Planner

Meet Jenna

I have always been a sucker for sentimental moments and watching other people’s love stories unfold, so what better way to be a part of it all than to make a career out of it! Weddings are so special, and I have always enjoyed attending them and being surrounded by them. Getting to take a deeper dive into all things wedding, it has shown me more and more how much I LOVE being in this industry!

Getting to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself is such an incredible feeling. Personally helping with every last detail, taking stress off of the bride and groom, and getting to put their dream together exactly how they envision it is a feeling like no other. Just knowing that I get to play a role in bringing their visions to life is something that I take so much pride and joy in with every one of our couples!

The journey to reach my destination as a wedding coordinator was not an easy one, but it turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise! I went to Ball State University and studied psychology for almost the entire duration of my time there. When I reached my senior year, I realized that a part of me was missing, and I knew that my heart wasn’t in the career path that I chose. Therefore, I decided to take a giant leap of faith, and switch career paths while still graduating in Psychology. Chloe decided to take a chance on me as an intern for her - and thank goodness she did, because she’s the reason I found my dream career job! I wouldn’t have changed anything that I did or my experience at all, because it led me to Creating Joyful Moments, and this has been the best decision I’ve ever made!

the Bio:

Color: For me, this is a three-part answer! When I’m asked: Baby blue. When I have to wear it: White or black. When I have to pick things for my home: Beige and neutral colors!

Local Indy restaurant: Four Day Ray Brewing is hands down my favorite (even though it’s technically in Fishers). If you’re looking for a restaurant that has great food, great drinks, and a cool environment, this is the place for you!

Wedding day moment: Hands down my favorite wedding day moments are the first looks or the first dances. I just adore the sentimental moments and seeing the families get emotional, especially any father/daughter moments - they get me every time!

Hunter's Favorites:

Part of the planning process: I really like the wedding rehearsals! It’s such a great feeling getting to see everything finally come together, how we have helped our couples plan it, and allowing them to finally just sit back and relax!

TV show to binge-watch: One Tree Hill all the way, baby! It’s taken over as my go-to comfort show next to Friends. Brooke Davis has a special place in my heart, and Chandler always cracks me up and is so quick-witted!

Hunter's Favorites:

Certified Lead Coordinator

Meet Hunter

Certified Timeline Genius
Wedding MBA

The Certified Wedding Planner Society
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we can't wait to help bring your vision for your big day to life, even if you don't know what that vision is yet.

We'll share with you all the tips and tricks we have acquired through our experiences as a Certified Wedding Planners as well as things we wish we knew as brides (like breaking in those wedding shoes BEFORE your wedding day and having food sent with you to snack on after the reception — trust us).

We have always valued meaningful and authentic relationships, and our clients are no exception to that. Entrusting us with your wedding is something we treat with the utmost importance.

— Rachel & Billy 

My mom and I as well as my entire wedding crew and family did not have to worry about a single wedding day detail #StressFree. 

— Tara & Eric

Looking back on the wedding day CJM was hands down the easiest money we spent. CJM knocked our wedding out of the park.

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