Vendor Spotlight: Emma Miller Art

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Emma brings a fun (and creative) element to the wedding day that you really don’t want to miss!

Emma Miller Art is a business founded by Emma Miller who does live wedding paintings! She adores art and painting, and she also has art work of her own listed on her website! She has physical copies of her work, and she also does digital prints on top of her live wedding paintings.

Emma is from Springfield, Ohio, where she does still life and contemporary landscape paintings!  She hasn’t always lived in Ohio, however, because she actually grew up in Mali, West Africa!  She spent a big fraction of her life in different parts of the world and lived overseas.  Fun fact: Emma actually lost teeth in 7 different countries! She went to boarding school and eventually came back to the United States to go to college at Asbury University where she studied art!  Her and her husband now live in a big brick house that is from the late 1800’s and are super into pickle-ball.  She also has a pet rabbit named Rembrandt who loves to hop all around their home!

From a young age, Emma has always loved art – which is why she studied it at Asbury.  She really enjoys painting in her home studio and working with the natural world.  She got into live wedding painting specifically around five years ago when she was asked by a family member to try painting at her wedding.  She tested it out, and she has loved it ever since – so much so, that she decided to turn it into a full-time business!

Emma’s favorite part of the wedding day is dinner time – we’re right there with ya!  But truthfully, she really enjoys cocktail hour because it’s a really fun way for her to be able to interact with guests while she is working on the painting.  When cocktail hour comes around, Emma is typically pretty far into the painting, so she loves to hear and see guest’s reactions for how the painting is coming along!  When it comes to one of Emma’s favorite things that she does for her couples, she truly loves it when they take advantage of the option to turn their painting into thank you cards! 

“I think it is such a unique way to get the most out of your painting and to make sure guests get to see the finished product.”

The day of the wedding always holds so many special moments, so it’s hard to narrow down what some of the best and most memorable are!  For Emma, she has two that really stood out for very different reasons.  First, she got to do a live wedding painting for Erica Lugo – the coach of The Biggest Loser!  How cool is that?!

To come second, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is the time when she accidentally spilled all of her painting water down her dress in the middle of the ceremony.  Yeah, we can definitely imagine how that would be pretty memorable!  Still rockin’ it though!

Emma leaves us with a final piece of advice for couples who are planning their big day, which is:

“Make sure that you have a little bit of time just you and your spouse right after the wedding ceremony”

You read our minds!  Emma and her husband ended up having this experience by accident because the send-off from their ceremony was taking a long time to be organized, so they ended up having private moments afterwards.  This ended up being a blessing in disguise and was so special for them.  It quickly became their favorite part of their wedding day!

Thank you so much again, Emma, for letting us take a dive into the world of Live Wedding Painting and for allowing us the opportunity to learn more about you and your business!

View more of Emma Miller Art’s work:

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