3 Ways Hiring A Wedding Planner or Coordinator Saves You Time

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“We don’t have time to plan anything…”

“We have a short engagement and are worried we don’t have enough time to make it all happen.”

“I barely have time to work and have a social life – how will I have time to plan my wedding?”

“I don’t even know where to begin, and thinking about everything I need to do is overwhelming.”

Sound familiar? Yep. It’s tough to try and balance everything on your plate. We get it! We’ve heard numerous variations of the above statements too many times to count when talking with couples. Whether you’re freshly engaged or you have some wedding planning under your belt, chances are you’re beginning to realize that planning the wedding of your dreams takes thought, money, and TIME. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to wave a magic wand and give you more money or time, but we DO have a solution to your pain!

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A lot of our amazing couples hire us for some reason related to time. We work with many busy professionals who want to have a beautiful and memorable celebration, but they don’t want to get bogged down in the overwhelming research and details, which *SPOILER ALERT* sucks the fun right out of planning. You deserve to enjoy your engagement and the process of planning your wedding, and the best way to ensure you do just that is by hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. Don’t know the difference between the two? Check out our blog post HERE where we explain the differences between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator!

So, are you ready to know how Creating Joyful Moments helps couples like you save time while planning their wedding when they hire us? Great – this one’s for you!

#1: We serve as the main point of contact for your vendor team (and you and your email inbox will thank us later)

When we work with couples, we streamline the process so that you’re communicating directly with one of our lead planners or coordinators versus 15-18 vendors on every update or detail. We step in as your main point of contact and communication for your ENTIRE vendor team. So instead of trying to update 14 different businesses, you just need to chat with us and we relay all important updates to your team of vendors.

We have heard countless times from all sorts of vendors (DJs, florists, caterers – you name it!) who have told us that by communicating with us months before the wedding and reviewing our wedding day timeline for our couples, we answered ALL of their questions, as well as provided them with additional information they may not have realized they needed to ask or know about.

Being the main point of contact for your vendor team also looks like us taking over all communication regarding set-up and tear-down. Vendors always have a LOT of questions when it comes to set-up and tear-down, and their questions usually look something like this:

  • What time do we have access to the venue?
  • Where will you be getting ready so I know where to drop off the bouquets?
  • What time does set-up need to be finished?
  • What is the best door for us to enter and park?
  • With the ceremony being outside, do you know if there is an outlet nearby I can plug into?
  • My area needs to be covered if I’m setting up outside. Do you know if it’s covered?
  • What time does tear-down begin?
  • Am I able to come back the next day to pick up my items?

And just think, those are only a handful of the questions you will most likely receive! Now, imagine most of those questions showing up in your email inbox from 15 different vendors. Yikes…

We LOVE being able to save our couples time (and lots of emails and phone calls) by being the main point of contact for their vendor team. From general wedding day timeline questions to specific details regarding each vendor’s services, we’ve got you covered!

#2: Instead of spending hours and hours browsing the Internet for the perfect wedding planning checklist, vendors to hire, or wedding etiquette tips, we provide you with ALL you need

I remember what it was like as a bride searching on Pinterest and Google for the best wedding planning checklist I could find and spending LOTS of time researching vendors to hire as my dream team (pre-CJM days). When you don’t have a resource or list you can really trust, that can make it super hard to figure out:

A) what really needs to be done (and when)

B) which vendors would be the best fit for you, your wedding, and your budget

C) what the do’s and don’ts are when it comes to wedding planning etiquette

That’s why we give our couples access to our exclusive CJM Client Resource Folder which contains lots of helpful information. For starters, as soon as we onboard our new couples, we send them our Preferred Vendors List, which gives them access to a list of vendors who we not only love working and collaborating with but who we can ensure will deliver nothing but top-notch, exceptional service on your wedding day. We know without a doubt that all the vendors on our list will serve you extremely well, which is why we make sure the names on our preferred vendors list are the best in the business. Why? Because you deserve it!

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Other helpful resources we share with our couples in our CJM Client Resource Folder are:

  • A detailed wedding planning checklist that is broken into different time frames of what needs to be done and when you should do it
  • A Master Guest List & RSVP tracking spreadsheet that will make tracking your invited guests’ names, addresses, meal choices, and RSVPs a BREEZE
  • Tips for creating your seating chart
  • A guide for addressing envelopes (because who really knows the difference in how to address a medical doctor versus a PhD or a judge?)
  • An invitation etiquette guide for helping you know how many invitations to order, when to mail them out, and mistakes to avoid (like taking a completed stuffed invitation suite to the post office BEFORE ordering your postage)
  • Discount codes through places like Minted.com, where our couples receive AMAZING discounts on ALL their wedding stationery
  • A master list of decor items & items to remember on your wedding day so no detail is forgotten
  • A spreadsheet to keep track of ALL your vendor information as you build your vendor team, such as contact info, social media links, and hours of coverage so all the information you need is in one organized place (but if you’re one of our full-service couples, we take care of this for you, don’t worry!)

#3: We’re there for you from the moment you book us throughout your ENTIRE wedding planning process

We’re not the type of vendor you connect with, book, then say, “Bye! See you in X number of months!” We mean it when we say we truly are here for you throughout your entire wedding planning process! *Cue Friends’ theme song* But in all seriousness, you have unlimited email access to us from the time of booking until your wedding day because we want to feel connected with you and a part of the planning process, no matter if you’re a wedding management or a full-service couple.

Can’t remember who the DJ was we talked about on our initial discovery call that I said you NEEDED to book months ago? Email us.

Have a quick question about whether you should add additional hours of wedding day coverage for your photographer or videographer? Email us.

Need to add on additional services from our A La Carte Menu because the wedding planning is more than you thought? You get the idea.

Either way, we will reach out to you throughout the planning process to check on you and see how wedding planning is going. We always want our couples to know we are here and available whenever they need it, and we take pride in being able to be there for our couples from the time of booking to wedding day!

Ready to save yourself and your fiance time so you can truly enjoy your engagement? Let’s connect!

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