4 Reasons Why An Engagement Session is a MUST

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Yay! You’re engaged! So you have a date, venue, photographer, and hopefully a wedding planner (if not, let’s chat ASAP!)

Whether you’re getting married in the fall, summer, or somewhere in between, it’s super important that you schedule your engagement session with your photographer. Photographers’ calendars fill up quickly, and now with the wedding boom quickly approaching, they will really be booking up fast. Most photographers include an engagement session in their packages, but if they don’t or if for some reason you’re thinking you won’t use this inclusion, think again! There are so many benefits to having a “practice shoot” with your photog before your big day, and here we’ll tell you why!

Reason #1: You’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera

Along with your wedding planner, venue, caterer, and entertainment, your photographer is one of the first vendors you will book, if you haven’t done so already. You hired your photographer for a reason – you love their work, they have positive reviews, and you just “clicked” with them. That’s great!! However, months (and possibly years, if you’re a COVID couple planning ahead) are going to go by between now and your big day, and you don’t want your photographer to feel like a stranger. They are there to capture the biggest day of your lives and create your first family heirlooms, so the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or awkward in front of the camera – if you do, it will show in your photos!

Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to practice and get comfortable – in front of the camera and with your photographer. You will get used to having a camera either close up or at a distance for every embrace, smile, and kiss. If you or your significant other is an introvert, this will be really good practice for having the spotlight on you!

“As a photographer, I love doing engagement sessions with couples because it’s a great way for us to get to know each other! It helps you get familiar with the way your photographer poses and takes pictures and just gets you more comfortable being in front of the camera. You would be surprised by how much this truly affects your wedding day! It gives you great confidence and peace of mind on your big day that you don’t need to worry about anything when it comes to your pictures because you’ve already experienced your photographer firsthand and a significantly more relaxed setting.”

– Monica | Monica Brown Photography

Reason #2: You and your fiance will learn tips & tricks to look your best

Each photographer has their own set of tips and tricks they use to ensure you and your fiance look and feel your best on your wedding day. For example, how to set up the perfect “dip” shot, where/how to place your hands, and so much more. This is where the saying “practice makes perfect” comes into play. If you want the perfect photo of your groom dipping you in your beautiful gown, you both will want to make sure you’re comfortable doing that! There will be all kinds of poses you will learn from your photographer, and because you will do them during your engagement session, you will be a pro when you do the poses again on your big day!

Aside from learning tips and tricks, your engagement session is also the perfect time to let your photographer know if you prefer to be photographed more on one side (AKA – not your “bad side”). Everyone is their own worst critic, so what you find unflattering, your photographer most likely won’t see! Be sure to be honest about what you’re insecure about so your photographer can do everything in their power to make you both feel like the total bombshell-couple that you are!

“Engagement sessions are also great because we can discover what poses are most flattering for you and your partner to re-create those when you’re all dolled up on your wedding day.”

– Monica | Monica Brown Photography

Reason #3: You’ll have beautiful photos to display and use as decor

Photos aren’t just meant to be shared digitally on social media or when you occasionally want to update your profile picture – they are meant to be printed and shared! Choose your favorite shots, print them (or order prints through your photographer if they offer that service), and frame them throughout your home! Seeing photos from your engagement session will bring you back to this exciting season in your life of anticipating your big day.

In addition to printing your photos to find personal enjoyment out of them, you can also use these photos for miscellaneous wedding details: Save The Dates, wedding website, ceremony programs – you name it! You can also frame them to put at your cards & gifts or guestbook table! Have questions about how you can use your engagement photos? We’ve got ‘chu!

Reason #4: It’s fun and your engagement alone is worth celebrating!!

I’m sure you are in the thick of wedding planning and there are a million things bouncing around your head, but this is your reality because you’re ENGAGED! Congratulations!! This is SO exciting and your engagement deserves to be celebrated! The two of you have decided you don’t want to go through life without the other, and you are better together than separate. Marriage is a beautiful covenant that is meant to be celebrated. There is something so so special about the season of engagement. Even though it can be stressful between booking vendors, deciding on floral arrangements, and guest favors, make sure the two of you find time each week to just be together and enjoy being engaged. Remember why you’re going through all of this and celebrate the exciting times that await you as husband and wife! I promise you, it’s far better than you can even imagine!

“I always encourage couples to go on an actual date after their engagement session to extend the fun & merriment of this really special season of life that you are in!”

– Monica | Monica Brown Photography

Now, get your engagement session on the calendar!

So, here’s your friendly reminder (in case you still need one after reading this) to contact your photographer and get your engagement session booked! Your engagement is such a sweet, meaningful milestone in your relationship, and the joy you and your fiance are feeling during this season deserves to be captured!

Photography: Monica Brown Photography | @monicaannebrown

Venue: Newfields (Indianapolis, IN) | @newfieldstoday

Dress: Sabo Skirt | @saboskirt

Hat: Lack of Color | @lackofcoloraus

Ring: David Weisz and Sons | @davidweiszandsons

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