Small Details That Make A Big Difference!

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If you’re looking for some inspo on ways to spice up your big day and make it unique to you, look no further!

Being people that pay close attention to detail, it is easy for us to pick up on small details of a wedding that we become obsessed with! Obviously, the big things matter too, but there are small details that you can include in your day that make such a huge difference! In fact, we tell our couples from the very beginning to think about how they can invite their guests into their love story, and your wedding details are a great way to do that! To help you think through how you can tell your unique love story through your decor, we’ve created a piece of inspiration for you of details that we can’t get enough of!

Signature Drinks

Signature drinks range in creativity by the mile, from margaritas, to cocktails, to beers, to coffee! When you create your signature drinks, you can also get creative and sentimental with the names of the drinks. The name of your drinks can be anything! These can be things unique to you as a couple or you personally, like your relationship, your pet, where you met, what your jobs are – the list goes on!

Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins are another unique way to add in little details that make such a big difference! When guests go to get drinks, they will already be given a napkin or see a napkin up there, so it’s a fun little way to incorporate more sentimental details about you as a couple! Again, this can range between so many different things like fun facts about you both, things that hold value to you (like your fur babies), and so on!

Table Numbers

The table numbers are one of the few things guests will see up close during your reception, so doing something different is always a good idea! Something unique that our couples have done is use destinations as their table numbers! This could be places you’ve traveled together, places that hold significance to you as a couple, or even places that you love and/or would want to go! It’s your big day, so remember, you can do whatever you want!

Another fun little idea that one of our couples did was a table scavenger hunt! Each table had its own tasks to complete with pictures – talk about a way to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests!

Unique Seating Chart or Escort Cards

Another detail of your big day that guests are going to see no matter what is the seating chart! If you have assigned seats (and we HIGHLY recommend you do), then a seating chart or escort cards are a must, so why not make it be something that hasn’t been done a lot? Some of our couples have chosen to do a champagne wall that included scrolls leading each guest to where their table was! We are suckers for a good champagne or wine wall!

Pro Tip: You will have several guests who will choose not to drink alcohol for a multitude of reasons (pregnancy, recovering addiction, health reasons, underage, etc.), so we highly suggest NOT putting champagne in front of all your guests, especially if you know it’s something they do, or have, struggled with. Instead, you can have a non-alcoholic option! If you decide to go this route, make sure you choose a different color or symbol to indicate to your bar staff which glasses should be filled with champagne and which should be non-alcoholic. If you’re going to have children at your wedding and you’d like for them to participate, this is another great way to include them!

Another CJM couple did escort cards that had wax seals with the couple’s crest on them in different colors, which told the guests what table to go to along with their meal selection! We LOVED this idea because it served a clear purpose along with including something unique to the couple, all while looking so beautiful!

Invitation Suite

We always say it (and so will your wedding calligrapher), but the very first impression you give your wedding guests of what your wedding will be like starts with your wedding invitations and save-the-dates. That being said, when it comes to the stationery, this is a very good area to add little personal touches! Every single guest is going to open them, and whatever you’ve put inside is what they get as their first glimpse of your big day, so make it special! You want to ensure your stationery is cohesive with your overall wedding esthetic, so be sure have these discussions with your wedding planner before you finalize your stationery.

Family Heirlooms

To go a step further, something extra special to add to your detail photos are family heirlooms. We absolutely adore heirlooms and the meaning behind every single one! Family heirlooms are such special details to add to your wedding day that will not only be in all of the pictures that you get to keep forever, but they hold such value and meaning, to you and your families! If you plan to incorporate or wear any family heirlooms, be sure your photographer and videographer know in advance so they can make sure they capture those important details!

One of the coolest family heirloom stories we’ve heard is from former CJM bride, Lauren. Lauren’s grandmother, Lilly, wore a tiara for her wedding in 1957. Since then, all three of her daughters wore it on their wedding day, and the tradition has continued to Lilly’s granddaughters. Lauren was the eighth person to wear her grandmother’s tiara, and her little cousin will be wearing it at her wedding in June! Talk about a sentimental story!

Cake Toppers

A fun little detail that adds a perfect touch to the cake are the toppers! The best part about cake toppers is that you can get so creative with them! You can put things on your cake that mean a lot to you both, things that make sense to who you are as people and/or a couple, or even your new last name! There are so many different styles and ways to go about using your cake to help tell your love story, but the key is to be true to who you both are remember, it’s okay to keep things simple sometimes!

Announcing Song Significance

Something that we have never had done before that we think would be such a sweet idea would be having your DJ or band emcee announce the significance behind some of the songs that play during your reception! During the reception when you have the grand entrances, cake cutting, and first dances, or wherever you’re playing meaningful music, this could be such an easy way to invite your guests into your love story as a couple! For example, when the DJ goes to announce you onto the floor for your first dance, while you’re walking out there, they could briefly explain the meaning behind the song you chose to dance to, if there is one of course! Most likely, the song has some sort of significance, but your guests have no idea what that is! What better way to invite them into your love story than by telling them the story behind the song?

Don’t Be Afraid To Think & Step Outside The Box!

Please hear us when we say DON’T BE AFRAID TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Doing things no one has seen or done before opens up so many doors to the world of all things wedding! Sometimes, this comes from giving up some creative freedom to your vendors! If you’re willing, handing over some of the creative control allows vendors to get inspired and make or do something that they have never done before – and that you might not have even known was possible!

We hear from couples all the time that they are overwhelmed with choosing the decor for their wedding. There are so many trends and fads, but our advice always stays the same: feel free to do things different and think about who you are as a couple. If you love your cats, find a way to incorporate them into your big day! If your future father-in-law is a talented artist, add a note in your ceremony programs informing guests that all wedding signage, cocktail napkins, and invitations were designed by him. Is your first dance song you and your middle school sweatheart’s song? Have the DJ tell your guests!

The weddings that stand out from other weddings happen when the couple isn’t afraid to do things different. Your wedding will stand out from other weddings when guests feel connected to your day, and that starts by inviting them into your love story, from your wedding stationery to the small details they see throughout the day.

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