Wedding Day Emergency Kit: What CJM Brings On Your Wedding Day

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Let’s play a little imagination game. Ready?

Close your eyes and imagine it’s your wedding day. This is a day you’ve been waiting for for months, perhaps years, and it’s finally here. You can feel the butterflies in your stomach when you imagine walking down the aisle and locking eyes with your future spouse. But suddenly, as you’re getting your hair and makeup done, you notice your bridesmaids’ dresses need to be steamed and no one has a steamer. The photographer is going to be there in 30 minutes, and the nearest Walmart is 25 minutes away – one way! As you’re putting your earrings in, you accidentally drop the clear earring back and can’t find it anywhere.

Meanwhile, all of the following happens as your wedding vendors are setting up:

  • Your DJ forgot his extension cord at home, which is over an hour away
  • One of the buttons came off the best man’s suit
  • One of the bridesmaids dress straps broke
  • The flower girl pricked her finger on a rose bush and is bleeding

Now, if you’re anything like me, simply reading this gives me anxiety. That’s why it is my job as your wedding planner to bring anything and everything that not only I could possibly need, but anything a family member, wedding party member, OR vendor could need. When you hire CJM for your big day, you can rest assured knowing we will have everything we need with us.

… and that, my friends, is where our incredible CJM Wedding Day Emergency Kit comes in!

When shopping for everything to stock our kit, we first started by hitting up our local Dollar Tree and found a lot there! Whatever we couldn’t find at the dollar store, we purchased at Walmart or Amazon.

As far as organization goes, you know CJM likes to keep everything organized! So, we use this incredible rolling luggage piece that we found on Amazon to keep all of our supplies. What’s great about this specific luggage piece is not only is it split into two sections, but it also has wheels! Praise, sweet baby Jesus! This makes it super easy to travel with! We (and fellow CJM couples) love how organized our kit is with drawers that are all appropriately labeled, too!

If you’re a current CJM bride (or plan to be soon), you, your entire wedding party, and vendors will have access to all of the goodies that come in our emergency kit on the day of your wedding!

So, what’s all included?

I’m glad you asked!

TOP PIECE (For the CJM team, vendors):


  • Tape measure
  • Rubber bands
  • Staples
  • Buttons
  • Extra boutonniere pins
  • Different kinds of type (double-sided, scotch, masking, duct, electrical, packing)
  • Super glue
  • Zip ties
  • Steamer
  • Extension cords
  • Disinfectant wipes

BOTTOM PIECE (For the bride, groom, & bridal party):


  • First Aid kit
  • Over the counter medication (Advil, Ibprophen, Allergy relief, Excedrin, Tums, Cough Drops)
  • Sewing kit
  • Lots and lots of hair spray!
  • Feminine Care Drawer (tampons, pads)
  • Hair Drawers (hair ties of different colors and types, bobby pins of all different colors, combs, miscellaneous hair clips, mirrors)
  • Smell Good Drawer (deodorant and body spray – for both men AND women)
  • Minty Fresh Drawer (gum, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash, flossers)
  • Fabric Care Drawer (wrinkle release spray, fabric tape, safety pins, lint rollers, Tide-To-Go pens)
  • Miscellaneous Drawer (tissues, tweezers, earring backs, vaseline, clear nail polish, nail file, nail clippers, lotion, q-tips, etc.)

Have feedback about our Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

Leave us a comment below then head over to our Instagram Highlights to check out Behind the Scenes videos showing off our incredible Emergency Kit! (go to “BTS” highlight reel)

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